We like to show our décolleté, which is one of the most feminine regions of our body. We like to put it in the limelight with deep necklines, provided that the skin is firm and supple.


Hyaluron BOOSTER

The Hyaluron BOOSTER with the wow-effect


Hyaluron Booster


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This works quite well with daily care, but unfortunately this area if often neglected. It is important to extend the facial care down to the breast area. The skin here is particularly thin and sensitive. Since it has only few fat cells and sebaceous glands, it is not that well protected against external influences. To maintain its elasticity and prevent premature wrinkles, it must be gently cleaned and moisturised every day, for example with the Hyaluronic Acid Micellar Toner. We recommend the Hyaluronic Acid BOOSTER DÉCOLLETÉ for pampering this area. Its basis is pharmaceutical hyaluronic acid, which can bind 6000 times (!) its own weight to water. It cushions the tissue from the inside and smoothes wrinkles. Furthermore, an extract from the crocus bulb can activate the formation of collagen and elastin and thus improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin. But the décolleté expert can do even more: The refreshing gel texture also releases fine shimmer pigments to visually smooth the skin. These smart care products already achieve a lot, but we can still do more for a beautiful décolleté:


  • Alternating warm and cold water showers that start with warm water and end with cold water, are among the most effective skin firming treatments. However, the shower jet should not be set too hard, since this would be a strain on the skin. For this reason, you should not massage while applying cream. Gentle stroking is a much better choice. An alternative to warm and cold water showers is gently rubbing ice cubes on the area. A gentle peeling every two weeks removes dead skin cells.
  • UV rays do not like a beautiful décolleté. Therefore, they quickly transform the delicate skin area into a zone full of creases. Fortunately, a sun cream with LPF can prevent this.
  • Wrinkles can also be caused by an incorrect sleeping position. If you lie on your stomach or on the side, you damage your skin with excessive pressure, if you place your head too high you will get creases. The best position is the supine position on a flat pillow.
  • Although the breasts themselves consist “only” of fat and connective tissue, so what we cannot train them, we surely can train the large and small pectoral muscle below them. The two muscles can very well be strengthened to tighten the décolleté. Very well suited are sports that train your arms, such as breaststroke and rowing. However, even push-ups and light dumbbell training at home are helpful.
  • Buckles in and brooches out: A straight posture is the best prerequisite for a seductive décolleté, for many years to come.