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You smile, cry, radiate, and blink around 30,000 times a day. Our eyes are constantly moving, the muscles and the skin in this facial region are subject to heavy stress. If you consider that the eye are has hardly any firming subcutaneous fat, it becomes clear why there is an early decrease in elasticity and resilience. Over time, small lines will appear, later on wrinkles. In order to delay the process, an eye cream should be part of your face care regime from your mid 20s. Anti-ageing active substances such as peptides, Vitamin B3, Vitamin C and trace elements stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin as well as cell renewal. In addition, a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet, sufficient sleep, plenty of water intake, exercise and fresh air are perfect to prevent crow’s feet. With one exception: Laugh lines are of course always welcome! Wrinkles caused by sun expose however not. Therefore, we should wear sunglasses when the weather is nice, and not only for fashionable reasons.


But we do not only have to keep an eye on the formation of wrinkles. We can also do something about other problems occurring in the area around the eyes:


  • Dark circles under your eyes If the shadows have a brownish shimmer, they are innate. Bluish circles under the eyes appear when the skin thins over time and the muscles become more visible. In this case, intensive care with specially tailored nurturing ingredients, such as caffeine, can help.
  • Wrinkles caused by dryness If we did not drink enough or if climatic conditions have affected the thin skin, an effective moisturiser, such as hyaluronic acid, offers help
  • Swellings Insufficient sleep, water retention - there are various reasons for “bags” under your eyes. Quick help is at hand by covering your eyes with a tablespoon or a tea bag with black tea - both ice-cold and for ten minutes.


Eye care products should be used in the morning and in the evening. For the night it can be a bit richer. Whether balm, cream, gel or serum, the product is applied to the skin by gently tapping with a finger. Even when removing make-up, please never rub and pull on the skin, but carefully wipe over the area with a cotton wool pad.