Pamper and protect – so that the sensitive skin of the lips also appears well cared for. You can achieve this with our products:

Hyaluron Sonnenpflege

Hyaluron Sonnenpflege

Dermatological sun screen with anti-ageing effect

Hyaluron Sonnenpflege Lippen LSF 50+

Hyaluron Sonnenpflege

Lippen LSF 50+

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Haut in Balance

Haut in Balance Olivenöl

Dermatological care for dry and sensitive skin

HAUT IN BALANCE Olivenöl Dermatologische Lippenpflege


Olivenöl Dermatologische Lippenpflege

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Sensuality, joy, concentration and anger - our lips can express a lot without producing a word. But mostly they are in action when talking, eating, drinking and laughing. This is a lot of effort for the delicate skin of the lips, since it is about seven times thinner than other skin. Therefore, it needs special care and protection. Smooth and rosy - that is how we want our lips. Too much sun or cold and dry air however irritate the sensitive skin. A lack of moisture or vitamin E can also cause brittle lips. This can result in small cracks that are not only painful, but also provide a platform for pathogens. It is better to: Prevent and care.


These are our strategies:

  • Use lip care sticks or balm several times a day. Olive oil is particularly caring, since it donates beneficial fats and nutrients.
  • An intensive mask is also good for the skin of our lips. Either apply a barrier cream and leave it to take effect over night, or apply a thick layer of honey and snack on it after 15 minutes.
  • When our lips feel dry, we automatically lick them. However, we have to kick this habit, because the saliva evaporates and dries out the skin even more.
  • Please do not tear off small pieces of skin, as this can lead to wounds and inflammation.
  • To prevent these pieces of skin from forming in the first place, we remove dead skin flakes twice a week with a lip peeling. Alternatively, you can also massage your lips with a soft toothbrush.


Of course, the lip skin itself also contributes a lot to its protection. Thanks to its natural hyaluronic acid reserves it plumps up and fends off attacks from outside. Over the years, however, the production of the body’s own hyaluronic acid decreases. This means: less moisture, more wrinkles. Our tip: Use products with hyaluronic acid.a