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Haut in Balance

Haut in Balance Coupeliac

Dermatological care for sensitive and couperose-prone skin





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Carnival takes place only once a year, however we should treat ourselves to a mask much more often in order to enjoy ourselves whilst providing care for our skin. Even our skin functions according to the motto: Small breaks in between provide you with strength for everyday life. While we allow about 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the application instructions, for the face mask to take effect, we can lean back and relax. We always use intensive care products when our mirror image looks tired or stressed, but naturally also as a form of prevention. Once to three times a week, masks can complement our daily beauty routine and give us a radiant complexion in the twinkling of an eye. There is a suitable product for every skin problem or requirement. The skin must be thoroughly cleansed beforehand so that it can develop its full effect. A gentle peeling or massage with a facial brush additionally increases the skin’s receptiveness. Whether the mask is removed with cosmetic tissues or washed off with water after the application time depends on the product. Since the skin is now well cared for, you do not have to apply any additional cream afterwards.


In Asia it is a matter of course for women to integrate extra treatments into their everyday lives. They regularly take time for special care rituals, enjoy the feeling that they are doing something good for themselves. It is thanks to this attentiveness that they prevent the visible signs of the times. Inspired by the holistic concept of Asian beauty care, the three YUNAI beauty masks were developed. They each consist involve two application steps and optimise the idea of the trendy sheet mask. These sheets contain valuable ingredients, and are made from a material that is perfectly tailored to the face, with cutouts for the eyes, mouth and nose.