VITAMIN C - How it works and why it is so important 

It is found mainly in fresh fruit and vegetables, it is involved in many metabolic processes and protects our cells from aggressive oxygen compounds (free radicals): vitamin C. How much does the body need per day? What sources of vitamin C are there in general and how effective are creams with vitamin C really? We explain why the royal vitamin is actually indispensable for our body.

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Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is one of the water-soluble vitamins along with the vitamin Bs and folic acid. This means: The body can only store it in small quantities. For this reason, it is important that we take ingest small doses every day through our food, to be precise through fruit and vegetables. Unlike most animals, the human body cannot produce the vitamin by itself. The daily recommended dose by the German Society for Nutrition (DGE) is 110 milligrams for men and 95 milligrams for women.

What effect does vitamin C have?

Above all, the vitamin is known to eliminate aggressive free radicals that are produced in the body and can have negative effects. People who consume enough vitamin C also have a lower risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke. The reason: The vitamin protects the vessels. It is also required for numerous metabolic processes, such as the production of certain hormones, for example thyroid or growth hormones. It reinforces the body’s own defence system and fuses proteins and other substances to collagen fibres. The result? Taut skin, healthy teeth and bones. Since scar tissue also consists of collagen, vitamin C is also very important for wound healing. Calcium and iron are better absorbed in combination with vitamin C, carcinogenic nitrosamines (nitrogen compounds) from food and toxins such as formaldehyde or nicotine can be rendered harmless by the power vitamin. In a nutshell: Vitamin C is a true all-round genius!



Environmental influences attack our cells and accelerate skin ageing. The special formulation with vitamin C, alpha lipoic acid and caffeine in pharmaceutical quality protects your skin from oxidative stress, tightens and reduces wrinkles. The refreshing gel texture is quickly absorbed and provides a smoother, more radiant complexion. It protects against free radicals Tightens and reduces wrinkles Provides a smoother skin texture and more radiant complexion. It reduces oxidative stress by 90%* * result of a laboratory test. When used on humans, the effect might be less.


Vitamin C also plays an important role in daily skin care: As a real all-rounder, the new hot beauty star helps to smoothen uneven areas and freshen up a pale complexion. Sun damage is reduced, superficial pigmentation spots are less visible. In addition, vitamin C protects the skin from environmental influences and prevents the ageing process in the long term. How exactly does this work? Vitamin C protects the collagen framework from free radicals that damage it. In addition, it supports the body in the production of new collagen, which ensures wrinkle-free skin. The bottom line: Vitamin C is an effective antioxidant that protects the skin from irritation, inflammation and environmental stress. This is reason enough for the vitamin to become a popular active ingredient in cosmetics. And this is why even the medipharma series offers a vitamin C serum: A light gel with a fruity fresh scent that can be applied on a daily basis as part of your normal day care or overnight. A pharmaceutical active ingredient complex (cocktail/combination) made from pure vitamin C, alpha lipoic acid and caffeine. The serum acts as an energizer for tired winter skin and gives a radiant complexion. Furthermore, it firms the skin, reduces wrinkles and protects the cells from oxidative stress.

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