Women in Asia know the secret of radiant, beautiful skin.


Korean dermatologists have long been involved in the development and protection of sheet masks. And Korean women, who are enthusiastic about cosmetics, have been fans of this extra care product for more than a decade, making it an important part of their beauty rituals. Asian women use this special care ritual to prevent skin ageing. This inspired medipharma cosmetics to develop the YUNAI Asian Beauty Secrets. In addition to hyaluronic acid and collagen, the formulations contain plant ingredients from Asia such as hibiscus, Tsubaki oil and ginseng. A sheet face mask is like a kind of compress, which makes the effective transfer of the active ingredients possible in the first place. Compared to a "normal” mask, this variant can achieve much more. The skin is prepared also deep down. While with conventional masks the ingredients “vanish” before they are absorbed by the skin, the sheets can prevent volatilisation. At the same time, the climate under the “protective shield” ensures that the skin is more open to the active ingredients. For these reasons, sheet masks are particularly effective. And your skin shows this right away. The sheets are perfectly adapted to the European face shape and the ingredients are highly effective. While the sheets unfold their effect, you can lean back and enjoy the beautiful feeling of doing something good for yourself.


Where does YUNAI come from?

Yunai is a variation of the Korean first name of Yuna. In Asia it stands for the symbol of the moon, unique, special and mystical. A hibiscus species that opens its flowers in the moonlight also bears this name.


Please note


In order for these masks to work as desired, the face must first be washed thoroughly and clarified with a tonic. A peeling in advance, like the enzyme peeling from YUNAI, is a good preparation. The ingredients can find their way only on a clean basis. If you place the sheet on unclean skin, impurities would have a walk over. After the prescribed application time there is nothing more to do as the skin is well cared for. If there are any residues of the care product on the skin, simply pat them into the skin. Depending on the time of day, make-up can be applied or, if it is already bedtime, you can turn off the light.

Customised active ingredients


All three 2-in-1 Beauty Rituals are dermatologically tested. Every skin type will find its own extra care in the wide range of customised masks. The sheets can reduce impurities in combination skin, quench the skin’s thirst, smooth wrinkles and give a rosy complexion. Only in the case of acne you should rather do without it, because it could be too much of a good thing. We recommend a patch test prior to application on extremely sensitive skin.

YUNAI offers an “Anti-ageing & Firming” sheet mask with hyaluronic acid made from fine microfibres, which, together with a lifting serum, plumps up and reduces wrinkles.

The microfibre sheet mask “Soothing & Regenerating” from YUNAI, which is also combined with a serum, is designed to calm the skin.

The YUNAI hydrogel mask “Intensive Skin Moisture” has the cleansing effect of an enzyme peeling.