We often neglect our feet when we car for our body. They are heavy labourers, since they carry three times the body weight.

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Haut in Balance Olivenöl

Dermatological care for dry and sensitive skin

HAUT IN BALANCE Olivenöl Dermatologische Fußcreme

Haut in Balance Olivenöl

Olivenöl Dermatologische Fußcreme


Usually we notice our feet only when problems or complaints arise. In addition to the right footwear, regular care of the feet plays an important role in keeping them healthy.


Our tips for smooth and soft feet:


- If you mean well with your feet, treat them regularly to a caring and invigorating foot bath

- Careful drying, especially of the spaces between the toes, prevents the development of skin cracks and athlete’s foot

- The daily application of a foot care cream prevents cornification, pressure points and sweaty feet.