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    Only the best for your skin:

    Following this principle, medipharma cosmetics has developed an innovative sun protection product. The formulations based on pharmaceutical hyaluronic acid, offer UV protection according to high dermatological demands as well as intensive moisture with anti-ageing effect. The light, quickly absorbed formulations hydrate and regenerate. They smooth the skin and help to prevent premature ageing of the skin and thus wrinkles. Pleasantly light, with a summery fragrance!

    Hyaluron sun care, the sun protection with hyaluronic acid in pharmaceutical quality for face and body.



    It is practical when the product can do more than just protect: The Hyaluron Sun Care Face offers high (LPF 30) to very high (LPF 50+) to delicate and sensitive skin in the event of intensive sun exposure. The active complex with hyaluronic acid ideally balances the moisture content of the skin, protects against premature ageing of the skin due to heat stress, plumps up the skin from the inside and reduces wrinkles.

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    Sun Care
    Body LPF 30 / body LPF 50+
    ideal protection from high and very high sun exposure, tightens and firms the skin. In a practical pump dispenser

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    Moisturising care for face and body. Refreshes and cools the skin after sunbathing.
    The Hyaluron Après-Lotion contains hyaluronic acid in pharmaceutical quality. The skin is intensively moisturised after exposure to the sun. A repair complex soothes sun-drenched skin, can relieve redness and protects against premature ageing of the skin due to heat stress.

    In a practical pump dispenser.

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    Protects, tints lightly and provides intensive moisture.
    Hyaluron Sun Care Face tinted LPF 50+ provides very high safety and skin protection during intensive sun exposure. The light tint ensures an even complexion. The active complex with hyaluronic acid in pharmaceutical quality ideally balances the skin’s moisture loss. It also protects against pigmentation and hyperpigmentation caused by sunlight. Waterproof, is absorbed quickly, and is non-greasy. In a practical pump dispenser.

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    LIPS LSF 50+

    The sensitive lip area is particularly exposed to UV radiation. The Hyaluron Sun Care for Lips offers a very high UV protection, ensures smooth lips and a lasting care of nourished skin. The smooth texture is absorbed effortlessly and has a subtle summery fragrance.

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    On correct handling of the sun Apply sunscreen to all uncovered body parts, preferable before going outside. Apply sunscreen generously, as small amounts reduce the protective effect. In order to maintain sun protection, do not forget to apply the cream regularly, especially after staying in the water, drying with a towel and sweating. This also applies to waterproof sun care products.

    Do not expose infants and young children to direct sunlight. Please wear protective clothing and apply sunscreen with a sun protection factor of at least 30.

    Avoid intense midday sun as much as possible. Do not stay too long in the sun even if you use a sunscreen. Even sunscreens with very high light protection factor do not offer complete protection against UV radiation.


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