Beautiful skin, an ideal that is seen as a sign of health and life in almost all cultures. It deserves a corresponding amount of attention. Over time, our skin changes due to various internal and external influences. Already from the age of 25, the sebum production of the skin decreases, the cells renew themselves more slowly. Overall, the cell functions decrease: the collagen and elastin fibres are broken down, the production of hyaluronic acid is reduced.

    The result: The skin becomes thinner, it loses elasticity and resilience. Moisture can no longer be bound too well, and due to the weaker blood circulation the skin’s supply with nutrients is diminishing. Skin ageing is caused, among others, by oxidative stress caused by sunlight, air pollution, but also by poor nutrition. It can be counteracted with an appropriate lifestyle and appropriate care products.


    The beneficial properties and effects of olive oil in skin care have been known for about 4,000 years. Olive oil has a high content of unsaturated fatty acids, which are similar to the skin’s own lipids. Therefore, they can be easily absorbed by the skin and optimise the lipid and moisture content in the skin. The particular strengths of the olive oil are polyphenols and vitamin E, which have a high antioxidant effect. They are particularly effective against free radicals and thus effectively protect the cells against oxidative stress.

    We offer care concepts perfectly tailored to the different needs of the skin with our intensive creams with olive oil:



    For a rosy, radiant complexion: the Olive Oil Intensive Cream Rosé. Also available in the lighter version “légère” with sun protection factor. Also available for this skin type: Olive Oil Intensive Cream Gold Cell active for magically radiant skin!

    Die Haut ab 50+

    Nourishing regeneration care with the Olive Oil Intensive Cream, the best-selling facial care in German pharmacies. They are available with and without sun protection factor. Also suitable for this age: Olive Oil Intensive Cream Nutritive. Extra rich care for a relaxed skin feeling.

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