There are many factors and events that can throw us off track, both in the negative and positive sense. However, most of the time we quickly find our balance again. The skin is basically the same, but not the sensitive type. Sensitive skin needs out support. It is not only emotional in its own way, but also very particular. There are sensitive skin types that are dry, others tend to redness. And then pigment spots or pimples can join sensitive skin. We therefore must assess our skin very precisely in order to find the right care. Generally applies: Dermatological facial care meets the needs of sensitive skin because it combines protection, suppleness, calming effect and, obviously, tolerability. This is the aim of the SKIN IN BALANCE care range, the name of which says it all. It offers products tailored to every sensitive skin type.

    Haut in Balance Olivenöl

    HAUT IN BALANCE Olivenöl is specially designed for skin prone to dryness. The active ingredient combination of olive oil and urea provides intensive lipids and moisture.

    Haut in Balance Coupeliac

    For thin skin that reacts with irritations and redness especially to external influences such as dry heating, cold or heat, water or solar radiation, we recommend HAUT IN BALANCE Coupeliac with these ingredients: Frankincense extract has an anti-inflammatory effect, calendula soothes the skin and silicone promotes collagen synthesis. This range is also recommended for small veins in the area of cheeks and nose.

    Gerötete Haut im Gesicht

    Haut in Balance Pigment

    The active ingredients in the SKIN IN BALANCE Pigment line help against hyperpigmentation such as age spots and freckles: Cress sprout extract regulates the overproduction of melanin, fruit acids have a depigmenting effect and remove dead skin cells, salicylic acid stimulates the formation of new cells.


    Haut in Balance Hautrein

    Sensitive skin can also have impurities. The SKIN IN BALANCE Skin Clear has the remedy for this: It refines the skin’s appearance with micro silver, zinc, olive leaf extract, clay and plankton, and gives the illusion of an even complexion.