Shiny, voluminous, strong and healthy - that is how our hair should be. However, often reality does not comply with our wishes. Never mind. With the right care your dream mane can be within reach. We can do a lot to stop the dreaded “bad hair day” from happening. For this we need care products that are optimally adapted to our hair type. The happy hair programme starts with a gentle wash. The water should not be too hot, as this dries our hair and makes it brittle. A walnut-sized blob of shampoo is enough to massage and cleanse the scalp. The lengths and tips do not need to be shampooed, since they are washed automatically when we rinse our hair with lukewarm water. A cold rinse at the end provides extra shine.



    For dry, damaged hair, we recommend the Olive Oil Intensive Hair Repair Shampoo. Formula with hair-like liquid building blocks, olive oil and vitamins repairs and smoothes the structure, without weighing down. Shimmer pigments make the hair shine. After cleansing, a conditioner seals the hair surface, for example the Olive Oil Intensive Hair Repair Conditioner. The hair becomes easier to comb and easier to handle with every application. Most conditioners are rinsed out again, unless it is a leave-in product.



    The wet hair is gently squeezed in a towel, not rubbed. When wet, hair is particularly sensitive and prone to splitting. Now the question arises: Should I leave my hair to dry naturally or use a hair dryer? Best on and off. Time permitting, air drying is gentler. Obviously, using a hair dryer is also okay. Provided that you keep enough distance to your hair and that the temperature is not too high. The hair takes offence to excessive heat. Just like the face mask, a hair mask should be used regularly. 

    The ingredients can do miracles for brittle and dry areas, for example the Olive Oil Intensive Care Mask.