Phyto Hair Booster


    They grow, grace our head for a few years and - we lose them. Every day we lose a lot of hair. They end up on the pillow, stay in the brush or remain in the hair trap after washing your hair, and this is completely normal. It is only when more than 120 hairs fall out over a longer period of time that doctors speak of serious regrowth problems.

    The most common form of hair loss is hormonal hair loss, the so-called androgenetic alopecia. If affects about 70 percent of all men and 30 percent of all women.

    It is caused by an inherited hypersensitivity of the hair roots to the body’s own messenger substance dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is produced in the scalp from the sex hormone testosterone. DHT docks to certain receptors of the hair roots and leads to the regression of blood vessels, which are important for hair root supply. The hair is no longer sufficiently supplied with nutrients, reaches the resting phase (catagen phase) faster and falls out correspondingly earlier. The process is repeated over many cycles, and the hair becomes weaker and thinner.


    (*shampoo is for complementary care)

    The PHYTO HAIR BOOSTER Care Shampoo strengthens and vitalises the hair with selected plant extracts, panthenol and biotin. Even with daily use, the pH-neutral formulation does not leach out the hair shaft. On the contrary: The shampoo gives stressed hair silky shine and a healthy appearance and provides the hair with many important nutrients. medipharma cosmetics PHYTO HAIR BOOSTER Tonic and Care Shampoo*: The duo with herbal active ingredients for healthy hair growth**!

    (*shampoo is used for complementary care, **for diffuse, not disease-related hair loss)


    Mode of action


    If used consistently, PHYTO HAIR BOSTER Tonic supports natural hair growth with the triple mode of action:

    | Activate
    In the first step, the herbal complex with caffeine and special active ingredients promotes blood circulation in the scalp and strengthens the hair roots.

    | Regenerate
    In the second step, active ingredients such as panthenol, biotin and vitamin B3 support hair growth.

    | Care
    Vitamin E has an antioxidant effect

    Frau benutzt Phyto Hair Booster

    Mode of action

    A constant process of renewal:


    The hair develops in the hair follicle, which surrounds the hair root from the outside. Its cells are among the most active in our body and divide about five times faster than normal skin cells. The energy for this comes from the smallest blood vessels, which surround the follicle as a dense network and supply it with nutrients. Each hair passes through three phases, then it falls out, and the hair cycle starts all over again.

    Phyto Hair Booster
    Phyto Hair Booster


    The growth phase (anagen phase): The active phase of the hair in which it lives and grows. The cells of the hair root divide, new hair substance forms. About 80% of the hairs are in this phase.

    The transition phase (catagen phase): Short phase, in which the hair growth stops and the hair follicle shrinks due to a decrease in nutrient supply and cell division activity. 1% of the hairs is in this phase.


    Rest phase (telogen phase): The hair root separates from the hair at the beginning of the telogen phase. The hair is no longer supplied with nutrients, but remains on the head for a few months before it finally falls out, e.g. by combing. At the same time, a new hair root is formed and the follicle regenerates so that a new hair can grow back. Normally, no more than 19% of the hairs are in this phase.



      1. Remove residue
        Before washing, carefully brush or comb the residues of styling products out of the hair. Then use lukewarm water to moisten the hair. In this way you prevent residue from styling products penetrating the scalp.
      2. Gentle dosing
        A lot does not help a lot. Therefore, us a hazelnut-sized amount of care shampoo, which you first lather by rubbing in your hand. The care shampoo can then be distributed easier in the hair and rinsing it works better.
      3. It is all in the fingertips
        Massage the care shampoo with circular movements into your hair and pay attention to a gentle treatment of the scalp to protect it. Washing your hair once with care shampoo is enough to cleanse the hair. Afterwards rinse the foam residue using lukewarm water.
      4. Promote blood circulation
        After washing the hair, finish with a cold water rinse. You will feel refreshed and your blood circulation is boosted.
      5. Do not rub
        After washing, wrap your wet hair in a towel turban and “squeeze” gently. Never rub dry with a towel! When wet, the hair is very sensitive. Rabid drying methods can cause hair breakage or split ends.
      6. Brushing for beauty
        Since excessing pulling or rubbing can cause damage to the hair structure, a comb with coarse tines is just the thing to straighten wet hair after washing. A brush with natural, rounded bristles can be helpful to loosen knots. Handle matted areas gently so that you do not break or pull out your hair.
      7. Dry naturally
        Treat your hair to a heat-free treatment. Just let your hair dry naturally after washing. Due to the heat of the hair dryer, the hair looses moisture and is more susceptible to structural damage. If you really cannot do without a hair dryer: Maximum temperature 150 degrees! The best way to do this is to separate strands of hair that you blow-dry one after the other.
      8. Eating well for healthy hair
        A whole range of vitamins, minerals and trace elements ensure healthy, beautiful hair from the inside: Biotin (in oat flakes, rice, egg yolk, peanuts and liver), vitamin A and C (in broccoli, carrots, cabbage, spinach, chicory, radish, fruit) and iron (in meat, wholemeal bread, pulses, cashew nuts, sunflower seeds) and very important zinc (in meat, cheese, milk, eggs).