The medipharma cosmetics brand belongs to Dr. Theiss Naturwaren GmbH with its headquarters in Homburg/Saar. medipharma is one of many very important brands of the company. For 40 years, the company has been researching and developing health and beautiful skin.

Medipharma cosmetics has made use of old, traditional knowledge and combines it with the latest scientific findings. In the various product series, valuable vegetable oils and extracts are used as well as skin-care lipids or innovative combinations of active ingredients, thus forming the basis for healthy skincare.

In our range, we offer facial, hair and body care products for different skin conditions and skin types from our wide range of product worlds for babies, children, women or men.

Skin compatibility

We, medipharma cosmetics:

  • attach great importance to a good skin compatibility of the products
  • work together with independent dermatological institutions, which confirm the compatibility and effectiveness of the products in many scientific studies


All raw materials that arrive at the company in Homburg are comprehensively tested for quality, purity and quality. Thus, a consistently high quality of care products can be guaranteed.


Made in Germany

medipharma cosmetics products are mainly produced in our production site in Homburg/Saar. As a Saarland company, Dr. Theiss Naturwaren creates many attractive jobs. The company is one of the most popular employers in the region. State-of-the-art production facilities ensure the consistently high quality of the products, which can in turn be found in the pharmacy. The cosmetic products are produced according to the latest GMP standards. GMP stands for the principles of good manufacturing practice, which are regulated for cosmetics in the ISO 22716: 2007, according to which we are, of course, also certified.

Theiss Produktion

In your pharmacy

Our products can be found not only in German pharmacies, but also in many other European countries and beyond in the world. Based on our company history we see the pharmacist, and the pharmacy technician as the perfect contact partner for skin problems and needs. “Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians have the necessary fundamental knowledge to be able to give the customer a qualified recommendation. Today, many pharmacies offer individual consulting services, such as a skin analysis, so that you can see exactly which care is the right one,” says Managing Director Giuseppe Nardi.